We have been using Graphisoft ARCHICAD as our primary CAD application for over 20 years.  ARCHICAD was the industry first Building Information Modelling (BIM) software for Architects and its ‘Virtual Building’ approach enables us to explore our designs in three dimensions from early sketch designs through to fully documented construction information.  By modelling designs in 3D from the outset, we can quickly produce a range of visuals or animations to aide the understanding of a scheme or explore alternative design concepts.  


Our clients and other team members have all responded positively to the use of the latest related BIMx application that enables the building model and associated drawings to be navigated quickly and easily in a very user friendly and intuitive manner on portable devices such as an iPad or iPhone, without requiring any specialist knowledge of CAD.

Our model-based information allows improved co-ordination of construction details and enables us to produce automated schedules for components such as doors and windows.  This process ensures that the construction information is up to date and fully coordinated throughout the design process, thus minimising the potential for errors on site.  


Through collaboration with other consultants we produce federated models, integrating our architectural models with those of the structural and M&E engineers, thereby improving coordination and enabling clash detection within the model.

We adopt a flexible approach for each project according to its complexity and the needs of the client and we are continually assessing and improving our use of BIM in order to meet these evolving requirements and the Government’s objectives for collaborative BIM, including the development of templates and industry standard protocols required to achieve BIM Level 2.